Thanks to the following individuals who have assisted with the development of this website:

  • Johnathan Moffatt
  • Andrew Hwang
  • Audrey Holmes McCormick

A number of publications were extremely useful in the development of this website:

  1. Account of the formation, role and operations of no. 1 Independent Infantry Company in Malaya, 1941-1942, by Major S. P. Fearon, 14th. Punjab Regiment. CAB 106/36, National Archives Kew
  2. Moon Over Malaya: A Tale of the Argylls and Marines. Jonathan Moffatt and Audrey Holmes McCormick, ISBN 0 7524 2690 7
  3. “Changi-The Lost Years a Malayan Diary 1941-45” by TPM Lewis.
  4. The War Time Diary of Dr James A Richardson – Mid November 1941 to Mid January 1945. Imperial War Museum. Catalogue number: Documents.1705.
  5. AWM52 –Australian Military Forces, Army headquarters, formation and unit diaries, 1939-1945. 1/5/67 Forces. Rose Force Malaya and A Force.