Perak River Patrol

The Perak River Patrol, an offshoot of the Independent Company, was put under the command of Lieutenant John Harold Proctor of the 2nd Loyals. It undertook three sorties along the Perak River between the 21st December 1941 and 1st January 1942 during the Malayan Campaign.

The objective of this River Patrol was to obtain any news possible regarding the advance of the Japanese. Also to destroy river craft so that they wouldn’t fall into Japanese hands.

Walter notes in his diary for the 21st of December that he has joined the Perak River Patrol at Ipoh, with five other Volunteers seconded to the Independent Company, they then moved to Teluk Intan next to Perak River.

This is where he met James Richardson, another Volunteer, who fought with Walter Pollock from 21st December 1941 until their capture in Singapore and whose diary has provided a valuable, detailed, description of Walter’s involvement in the Malayan Campaign from late December 1941.

Further information about James Richardson can be found here.

A launch was prepared and armed with A/A L.M.G mountings.

And by all accounts, was well provisioned with tinned foods and liquor.